University of 8 Mai 1945 - Guelma, Algeria

Twenty-first-century Africa in the Global Era: Between Stagnancy and Dynamism

October 28-30, 2013

Guelma, Algeria



As Algeria is an inseparable part of Africa, it is important to offer political, cultural, educational, economic, historical, literary, and linguistic tours which will enable us to exactly situate our continent within the turmoil of globalization. The department of English thinks it is more than necessary to explore and assess the winds of change that Africa has endured until now. It is certain that despite the tremendous efforts made by successive governments in the different African countries, there is still more work to perform to curb natural and man-made crises that plague our continent. Entangled in the net of hunger, civil wars, overpopulation, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, health and education problems, the exhausted continent does not give up and progressively tries to get out of a lasting whirlwind.

Hence, the conference suggests three tracks:

First Track: Democracy and decolonization of the African mind.

Second Track: Transfer of technologies and economic development.

Third Track: Defining the role(s) of African literature, civilization/culture and languages in the Global era.